COSMIC NAVIGATION: Astrology Natal chart session

Initial session includes an in depth Natal Chart reading. This Cosmic Navigation Astrology session provides astral insights tuning one into their personal and unique cosmic energies and the magnetic waxing and waning support of the archetypal planets above.  The Natal Chart is a powerful tool providing insight and mapping to recognize and tune into the support of the universe.  This cosmic imprint offers support for the individualized pressures and stressors of the times.  Fine tune, tone and awaken to the deeper messages and meanings of life and its ebbs and flows.

1 Hour Session for $108

Integrate your natal chart into your yoga/meditation practice and begin mapping intentions with the SolFlo Program. 


Rejuvenation SESSION:Energetic tune-up

This session is meant to allow a complete DISSOLVE of the senses.   This restorative rejuvenation session utilizes divination tools such as cards, crystals, sound healing, aromatherapy and body work to tune the body, release negative energies and awaken one's essences.  Soulful coaching can further assist and offer direction before or after a session.   

1 Hour Session for $108

( Additional travel fee will be added if over 5 miles)