the SOLFLO experience

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, tune into energy, frequency and vibration." - Nicola Tesla


SolFlo - Session

Tune into the flow of your soul!  

Are you searching for answers to life's biggest questions or a looking for a map to guide you on your way?   Have you been asking the deeper questions about "what is my purpose" and "what is my unique message" or the big one..." what should I be doing with my life?"  Time to turn into the flow of your soul!  I invite you on an experience to experience yourself in a new way.  Together we will draw awareness to your unique gifts with individualized COACHING, ASTROLOGICAL support, specialized YOGA and unique MEDITATION's. When we have greater vision of what's available to us and follow the GURU (wisdom) that lies within, we become the artist and architect of our lives. 

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, it is time to tap into the fire that ignites your light and illuminates your unique path!  

SolFlo Sessions offer a holistic approach to overall health and wellness that combines the tools of Kundalini yoga, Breath-work, Astrology, Sound-healing, Meditation and more to balance, educate, and empower students on and off the mat. Shed layers, increase awareness, gain traction and garner tools to navigate through an ever changing world.  

Sessions are 1 hour and 30 min.  $150

Packages listed below.


 SolFlo - HEAL

The SolFlo Healing Treatment embraces that we are one with Earth and the universe.  When we attune to the natural rhythms of Mother Earth and tune into the waxing and waning of the celestial spheres in the sky we find greater peace, joy and harmony in our lives.  Healing vibrations created with sacred sound instruments, crystal therapy and a blend of several other integrated modalities create space to release stress, unhook mental/subconscious patterns and allow space for more ease and flow.  Awaken from this treatment feeling renewed, regenerated and reinvigorated to meet the opportunities of life with ease and grace.  

Session may incorporate a variety of complimentary modalities including: Light yoga, Breath-work, Crystal Therapy, Chakra clearing,  Crystal bowls, Aromatherapy, Smudging, Tuning Forks, Sound-Healing, Energy-Work and Gentle body work. 

Sessions are approximately 1 hour  $150


SolFlo alchemy


Level 1 - Initiation

This initial session is designed to offer a meet and greet as well as an introduction and investigation of the client's connection to the breath/life force, muscular and mental flexibility and conscious awareness and/or stress levels.  This initial session acts as a benchmark for any on-going work and offers support for building a program suitable to one's lifestyle.  

1 hour 30 min. Session for $185

Option to continue individual sessions or choose specialized packages listed below.


Level 2 - Ignite the Light

3 Customized Sessions Activating your sun/moon energies

This unique series dives into your natal chart to understand, from a comic perspective, how you are supported through the two celestial spheres that guide us-the Sun and the Moon. By uniting the forces of your central Sun (how you shine), your Moon (how you feel) and your rising sign (your path) we will begin to combine and align you with ignited purpose and vision.   Through the integration of these lights we will use Yoga, Meditation, Cosmic Navigation and other Healing modalities* to illuminate space for deeper peace, real-ease and abundant joy. 

3x 1 hour and 30 min Sessions for $575

*Modalities may include Crystal Therapy, Sound healing, Chakra Balancing, Energy work, Smudging, Cranial work, light massage.


Level 3 - Transformation

6 Customized Sessions

This deep dive journey extended over 40 days* allows curated intention work specific to clients needs: Love, stress, prosperity, etc and initiates a deeper integration of the practices by offering tools to navigate the times and create the lifestyle of ones dreams.  Specialized kriya included and required to attend 1 group Kundalini class per week.  These sessions will explore more deeply your natal chart and the specific planetary archetypes and how to navigate those in your daily life. 

6x 1 hour 30 min Sessions for $1100

*40 days is the minimum requirement to reset the biorhythms of the brain and curb a habit as well as invoke new change.  This is also the amount of time necessary for the iron (the record keeper) in the blood to record new information and tip the blood stream in favor of the new prescription.  40 days is also 1 ½ cycles of the lunar cycle which rules the glandular system, subconscious patterns and emotional temperament.  This is a powerful cycle for intention work.