Kjord has spent a lifetime thriving in leadership roles and empowering corporations, guiding communities and driving groups towards elevated goal achievement.  These same leadership skills are applied not only to his personal and professional yoga practice but toward his day to day relationships with clients.  Of all the achievements, Kjord is most honored to be a Level 1 & 2 certified KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) Kundalini Yoga teacher.  Kjord's passion for the practice inspired the opening of Indigo Lab LA in 2013, one of the very few Kundalini yoga studios in Los Angeles. With Kundalini Yoga being the foundation of the studio, other powerful modalities were experienced by students far and wide including Transformative Breath-work, Cosmic Sound Baths, Specialized Trainings and Self-Empowerment Journeys.  Indigo Lab evolved to be a great community of teachers, healers and light workers. The Indigo brand is well known for its unique classes and transformative workshops providing a safe place to explore, discover and heal oneself.  Kjord is currently the Director of the Kundalini Yoga program at Wanderlust, Hollywood, and continues to oversee the Indigo Lab classes there. The collaboration of these powerful brands reignited the success for the Kundalini Yoga practice in Hollywood. He is happy to see the community thriving and expanding. In addition to these roles, Kjord continues to support teacher training programs at local studios in the LA are.  Astrology and Cosmology are Kjord's current passions and he integrates the Cosmic forecast into all his creations. 

Kjord's approach to the teachings is to use specific powerful yoga sets, breath-work patterns and meditations to break through mental blocks, transcending physical pressures while energizing the system and unlocking ones greatest potential allowing space for peace, creative flow and balance. 

Kjord is the Creator and Curator of SolFlo, an innovative and effective modality combining ancient tools with modern wisdom to elevate one's life force.