One of L.A.’s Top Wellness Pros! The Kundalini Sage”
With love and gratitude for all that you share. I first crossed paths with this divine human in his kundalini class at Wanderlust Hollywood a couple of years ago. Kjord has a calm abiding presence that fills the space with love, encourages you to stretch your practice beyond your comfort zone and open your heart to the experience. I travel from Australia to practice with Kjord!
— Melissa
After every class experience, meditation experience and conversation with Kjord I feel like I have been elevated to the next level physically, emotionally and spiritually. Kjord’s knowledge and experience of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and coaching effortlessly shine through- allowing his students, no matter what level they are in yoga, or stage in their lives, to have a fulfilling and profound experience. He has such ease and grace as a teacher and he makes the teachings accessible and applicable to everyday situations. I have learned so much from Kjord in our time together, his presence is such a blessing to me
— Marcy Music Supervisor
Thank you for creating a safe space that encourages healing, discovery, play and transformation. Every Tuesday I don’t know what to expect, but I know that together, as a tribe on our magic carpet yoga mats, we will receive something and give something in an effort to raise the vibration within ourselves and raise the vibrations that we carry out into the world
— Joyce Actress
Yessss it certainly is a community, a home, and place of peace, love dancing, singing, coming together as one!! I’m so thankful for indigo lab!!
— Jody Actress
So awesome! Thank you for creating such an amazing space for growth and transformation
— Bianca Psychotherapist
If you feel energetically stuck in any situation the best thing you can do is move that energy consciously. Try 1 week of kundalini every day and I promise you will have major shifts in whatever you are going through. Thank you Kjord
— Clayton Artist
We started the class by finding a partner, a complete stranger, and holding direct eye contact. In silence, that was just the beginning of the epic class. And yes, holding direct eye contact with a stranger is uncomfortable as it sounds, but once you push past the tension, you can really grow/learn something about yourself....even the other person as well
— Camilla Artist
This experience changed my life. Thank you for opening my mind/heart/body/soul”
— Jolivette Photographer
Kjord taught me that I can dance, cry and heal all at the same time...also, that I’m a superstar
— Chris Sound Healer
I was thinking if I gave my love to the wrong person. I realized love is a gift and it is not about the other. It’s all about me. So there is not a mistake. The right people just stay in my life. The wrong just vanished with time. I’m happy I’m able to feel, to love. I am love, I am light. Thanks Kjord for your wise words and helping me to change my energy
— Lucero Yoga Teacher
This human has played a huge role in my healing process this year”
— Shayna Entrepreneur
I wish I could take this class every day
— Georgia Yoga Teacher
One of the most moving experience I have ever had
— Kambria Reiki Master